Ultra Beam Lighting

Remember the days when lights were just a mundane necessity in a house, somewhat of an afterthought? Sure, beautiful lights have been around for a long time, but the choices were limited. Then came Ultra Beam Lighting and transformed the lighting industry into a magnificent
butterfly. Lighting has become a significant part of décor, and Ultra Beam Lighting gets that.

Being in the lighting industry for more than twenty years, they know all that there is to know about lighting. They have fine-tuned their business recipe and know that quality products, outstanding customer service and affordable prices are the way to go. They have become experts in assisting the general public, businesses, interior designers and architects with lighting advice.

It is with great excitement that they introduce their beautifully designed, exclusive range of LED Reading Lights, available in the UK only! Gone are the days of an oversized, clumsy reading lamp on your bedside table. These stylish lights will be a welcome replacement for those lamps.

Because these lights are all wall-mounted and most of them recessed, they are out of your way. No more knocking over of stuff on your bedside table as you are trying to reach for the switch at night. They are sleek and elegant and are available in chrome, silver, painted black and painted white.

There is a shape for every taste, whether it be round, square, a twin set or one with a small lamp-like appearance. Twin sets are ideally mounted at the centre above the bed and each light has its own
switch. Most of the lights have adjustable heads or arms so you can change the direction of the light.

The lights are issued with top of the range warm white Cree LED lights, which are the best for reading. Cool white LED’s are also available on request. Their standard output is between 100 and 300 lumens, equal to 10 – 30 watts, which is ideal for reading. These LED’s are hard-wired into the fitting. You don’t have to replace the LED lamps because they come with a guarantee that includes a replacement, but this rarely happens. The lights have a minimum life-span of about 30 000 hours which will give you years of usage.

The main benefit of LED’s is that they are energy sufficient and cheaper than incandescent lights. They are also cool when touched.

Choose your unique style from the wide variety of these reading lights and transform your bedside reading.